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Linda Francis

Linda Francis

Director, Success of All Youth
(708) 848-1560

Linda Francis comes to the Foundation as an accomplished industrial engineer and a program leader with extensive experience developing and implementing solutions. She has substantial analytical, technical and communication skills with a background in continuous improvement. Locally, she has worked with diverse individual and organizational cultures toward common goals. She currently serves on the Board of the Oak Park Education Foundation.


Jennifer Stix

Jennifer Stix

Communications, Success of All Youth
(708) 848-1560

Jennifer Stix has written for retailers, manufacturers, social enterprises and non-profits. Her favorite projects involve working on behalf of organizations that strive to make the world a better place. She looks forward to helping grow awareness of SAY's mission in the Oak Park - River Forest Community.


Success of All Youth (SAY) developed following a series of Community Cafés that outlined the community's aspirations to ensure that every young person in Oak Park and River Forest was supported through the developmental years to reach his or her full potential.

Communityworks  provided initial funding from grants and in 2014 partnered with the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation, to host a Design Institute. Over 100 representatives from the community attended. Participants decided to use a coordinated, systems-based approach built on input gathered at the Community Cafés. 

The Design Institute included an introduction to Strive Together, a national organization that provides a guide to map the success of youth from cradle to career. Facilitators from Strive Together and the Community Foundation outlined a plan for our community's initiative, which became SAY. 

There is strong momentum across Oak Park and River Forest to embrace SAY. All three public school districts, our early childhood sector, leadership from both villages, social impact agencies, faith-based organizations and the Community Foundation built the SAY framework. Leaders from these varied sectors collaborated to create SAY’s vision and mission, and established goals and objectives for our youth at every stage of development.

Our Communities

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Oak Park and River Forest strive to create communities where every child/youth is empowered to reach her/his full potential and where race/ethnicity, family income/education, gender/sexual orientation, and learning style are not barriers to achievement. 

The Village of Oak Park shares its eastern border, Austin Boulevard, with the West Side of the city of Chicago. The Village of River Forest lies just west of Oak Park. With a total population of 51,988 people, Oak Park is the 29thlargest municipality in Illinois. River Forest has a population of 11,088. Oak Park is known for its architecture and diversity while River Forest is home to Dominican University and Concordia University Chicago.

River Forest K-8 School District 90 has two elementary schools (K-4) and a middle school (5-8).  One of the elementary schools as well as the middle school have been awarded the National Blue Ribbon of Distinction. Oak Park School District 97 has 8 elementary schools (K-5) and 2 middle schools (6-8). Both communities share one (9-12) Oak Park River Forest High School District 200.

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Success of All Youth is powered by the Communityworks Fund of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation.

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