Our Focus

The SAY partnership is focusing its efforts on three areas:

Social & Emotional

All children/youth develop and demonstrate improved social & emotional skills appropriate for their age group and are supported in their journey.

  • Belonging: All OP and RF children/youth will develop a strong sense of belonging in their respective neighborhoods, in their schools, and in the community at large
  • Self-Efficacy: All OP and RF children/youth will have an understanding and belief in their individual and collective abilities to achieve their dreams
  • Executive Functioning: All OP and RF children/youth will be supported in learning executive functioning skills required for education, life, and career

Cognitive & Academic

All children/youth will increasingly demonstrate cognitive/academic skills that prepare them for life and career – and will be supported in their journey.

  • Kindergarten Readiness: All OP and RF children will demonstrate kindergarten readiness
  • 3rd Grade Reading: All OP and RF 3rd grade children will increasingly demonstrate competency in literacy skills
  • 8th Grade Math: All OP and RF 8th grade children will increasingly demonstrate competency in math skills
  • Post-secondary Readiness: All OP and RF high school students will increasingly demonstrate post-secondary readiness
  • Career Readiness: All OP and RF youth increasingly earn post-secondary credentials and are career ready

Health & Safety

All children/youth will be healthy and safe.

  • Mental/Behavioral Health: All OP and RF children/youth will have access to quality, culturally competent, and restorative mental and behavioral health services and support that lead to healthy mental well-being
  • Youth Alcohol Consumption: All OP and RF youth will make positive choices to avoid underage alcohol consumption

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Committee For Children: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) from Watts on Vimeo.

All three areas of focus have a global impact on virtually all areas of development. SAY and Roosevelt University’s Policy Research Collaborative (PRC)  measure and track these indicators to inform the community about our progress toward SAY's stated goals. This information will also drive the future direction of our community efforts.

how we work

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